Louth County Council address Drogheda Boundary Committee

Commenting after a delegation from Louth County Council addressed the Drogheda Boundary Committee on Friday, Cllr Mark Dearey expressed cautious confidence that the decision of the Commitee, due at the end of March, would find in favour of extending the Boundary to the West and South so delivering a unified Drogheda under the stewardship of Louth County Council.

“I believe that we as Councillors spoke with a unity of purpose and with a focus on the need for Drogheda to develop into a sustainable small city with a beating heart, a thriving local economy and a united community.”
“As Chair of the Economic and Enterprise Committee of Louth County Council I outlined how this is unlikely to happen while Meath CC make plans that will only stretch the town South and suck investment away from the historic centre. At the same time, Louth continues to deliver infrastructure, educational and cultural services to those parts of Drogheda that are in Meath without recouping the costs through development contributions and property taxes.”
“Long term investment in urban regeneration is never easy but it will be nigh impossible if the edge of town continues to present quick flip investment opportunities. One authority needs to be able to manage all of Drogheda if it is to develop from the centre, to become a really vibrant small city and not simply a large edgeless town. I am hopeful that this is also how the Boundary Committee will see it.”
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