Dearey calls for dialogue between Louth County Council and Traveller groups

Traveller groups should present their housing plan to the Council ASAP

Green Party Councillor Mark Dearey today called for dialogue between Louth County Council and traveller groups in an attempt to find a solution to the halting site eviction controversy at Woodland Park, near Dundalk.

Cllr. Dearey has written to the Chief Executive of Louth County Council Joan Martin urging her to meet with Martin Collins of Pavee Point and Michael McDonagh of Meath Traveller Workshop to discuss resolving the issues around the current impasse and to create the time and space for the traveller consultative committee to present an appropriate housing strategy for travellers in the county to a full plenary of the County Council.

Speaking after the protest outside Louth County Council buildings, which he attended, Cllr Dearey said: “Dialogue is the only way of solving this problem and addressing the disturbing scenes we’ve witnessed this week. I hope the Chief Executive takes the opportunity, accepts the request and meets with both Martin and Michael. Both have indicated they are available at the CEO’s convenience, and want to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

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